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We’re your family vet with a difference.

Hey Bud is a welcoming space where pets are nurtured and their humans love the experience. It’s a place where we build community around our love for pets and around understanding them better.

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At Hey Bud, we are changing what the community (and pets) can expect from a vet.

We always look for ways to do things better and more kindly. And why not with a little extra style, too?

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General Pet Checkup

Your pets will experience the utmost comfort while under our care.

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Sick Pet Checkup

Ailing pets need more than medical attention. They need love and comfort.

veterinary team members performing dental procedure

Pet Dental Care

Regular dental checkups for dogs and cats are just as vital as they are for you.

veterinarian prepping for surgery

Pet Surgery

We proudly provide a variety of surgical treatments to our valued patients.

We’re all ears for your pets.

If your pet is trying to tell us something, we’re listening. Our care is a lot about veterinary science but even more about taking the time to get to know your pet and to get a feel for what they need.

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New dogs, new tricks.

We listen. We look. We feel. We imagine.

Who would’ve thought a butcher shop could be the perfect bones for a reimagined veterinary experience?

Hey Bud is a new veterinary brand with big plans for our little four-legged friends and their people. Our approach challenges what people can expect from a vet, and this is just the first stage of reimagining pet care from a pet’s perspective.

We are educators, advocates, and supporters, giving pets a voice and improving their care. We believe we are a distinctive breed of vets, characterised by intelligence, courage, curiosity, affectionate nature, and playfulness.

Meet our veterinary team

Meet our pack of veterinary rockstars, committed to the health and happiness of your buds with top-notch care and a whole lot of heart.

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Veterinarian reviews in Hawthorne, QLD

See what people are howling on about Hey Bud! We look forward to adding you to our pack!

Dr. Devon is amazing. He is always caring, and attentive and is genuinely invested in your pet’s health and well-being. Dr. Devon has treated all our pets (cats and dogs) but has a particularly strong connection with our greyhounds who are totally at ease in his care. Cannot recommend Hey Bud enough.

Hamish M.

The whole team here was awesome. Made our first visit to a new vet very reassuring that we had moved to the right practice. Very thorough exam, kind and gentle with our elderly Mac, and explained everything, including financial implications of different treatment plans, in simple terms.

Lucas D.