Nice to nose you.

Get to know Hey Bud!

Hey Bud is a place focused on fur, fun, and care. We’ve got your bud’s back, offering top-notch veterinary expertise with a whole lot of heart, making sure your four-legged family members live their very best lives.

Three mates out for a jog

At Hey Bud, we’re on a mission to advocate and bring meaningful change to our community through our love of pets.

At Hey Bud, we believe in the superpowers that pets possess to connect us and our communities. From first sniffs to heartfelt moments in our clinic, we’ve seen first hand how our Buds can change the way we live and love. Between the shared smiles and conversations at the dog park and the giggles we get from animal videos — it’s no secret that pets bring us together in weird and wonderful ways.

Our commitment to pet care is more than just a job; it’s about nurturing these amazing connections and making life a little sweeter by helping your bud live their absolute best life.

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About Hey Bud

We listen. We look. We feel. We imagine.

We are Hey Bud, a husband-and-wife-founded veterinary clinic with big plans for our little four-legged buds and their humans. Ironically, our Hawthorne clinic was previously a butcher shop – a quirky twist of fate that has seen the space shift from serving animals to providing services for them!

Our new practice has just opened in Hawthorne, Brisbane and already challenges what people can expect from a vet. And this is just the first stage of reimagining pet care from a pet’s perspective. Our ‘Hey Bud’ practice is a welcoming space where pets are nurtured and their humans love the experience. It is a place where we build a community around our love for pets and around understanding them better. We are educators, advocates, and supporters, giving pets a voice and improving their care.

We believe we are a distinctive breed of vets, characterised by intelligence, courage, curiosity, affectionate nature, and playfulness.