Pet Pathology

Our hospital has a specialized laboratory where we analysed various samples and do blood tests.

Pet Blood Tests

Our lab is where all the cool tests happen! We’re loaded up with the diagnostic tools your pet needs to keep your buds their bouncy selves!

We have blood tests for every occasion — illness, wellness checks, pre-anaesthesia checkups, and chronic condition monitoring. With our on-site lab, we’ve got you covered for haematology, biochemistry, and more. Special tests? We’ve got a hotline to the coolest vet labs in town.

Pet Faecal Tests

We’ll play detective with your pet’s poop to check for viruses and ensure their immune systems are rocking it. Plus, it’s a handy way to spot any unwelcome guests — parasites, we’re looking at you!

Pet Urine Tests

Ever wondered what your pet’s pee is telling us? Urine testing not only checks if the kidneys and bladder are hitting their KPIs, but also drops hints about early warnings for diabetes and urinary tract infections. Who knew potty talk could be this insightful!