Pet Dental

Regular dental checkups for dogs and cats are just as vital as they are for you, and the overall wellbeing of your pet is closely linked to their oral health.

Professional dental care for your pet

Bad breath, missing, broken, or yellowed teeth, red, swollen, or bleeding gums, trouble or pain when eating, pawing at the mouth, and excessive drooling all indicate dental illness. Please contact our staff if you have any of these symptoms; we’ll gladly assist.

Regular dental exams and cleanings under general anaesthesia are crucial to stop bone loss and tissue inflammation. Your pet’s risk of heart, kidney, and liver illness might grow if dental disease is left untreated. Our team is able to provide general cleanings and extractions as needed. For a checkup to determine your pet’s oral health, call us.

We at Hey Bud recognise that every pet has unique dental needs. Our highly skilled team collaborates with you to create a special dental care plan for your pet. We employ a preventative approach, including routine dental exams, cleanings, and advanced procedures when necessary.