Pet X-Ray

Let’s take a peek inside your bud! Our pet X-rays reveal the inside scoop on bones, organs, and the works! It’s one of our secret weapons for crafting the perfect treatment plan!

Revealing bones and all

At Hey Bud, we give your pet’s insides a spotlight moment! We use radiology (X-rays) to check out their internal structures, including their bones, stomach, intestines, lungs, heart, and even their bladder and prostate. It’s like a backstage pass! Whether used solo or teamed up with other detective techniques, X-rays help us zero in on what’s going on, rule out any internal issues, or create a list of potential causes of your pet’s concerns!

How does it work?

Alright, picture this (pun intended): an X-ray beam goes on a journey through your pet’s body, creating a cool grayscale snapshot of what’s inside. Bones, the rockstars of X-rays, show up as light grey because they love soaking up those rays. Meanwhile, soft tissues are more camera-shy, appearing as darker shades. It’s like your pet’s own blockbuster film, and our vets have the skills to decode every scene.